Friday, July 14, 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Right, so, that worked well. Anyone for a Plan C? Like perhaps giving up my day job or employing someone to do my housework?
Actually, that last one might not be such a bad idea.
Hubby wants a puppy eh?
Well I want a housekeeper.
That way, the housekeeper can also look after the puppy when we're at work - it's a win-win situation!
Ya, I know, not really - but it seemed like a good idea while I was writing it, hehe!

I'm tired, people. My colleague/boss has been off for 3 weeks now and it's been one thing after another here at work and I'm just utterly exhausted.
Oh, what I would give to be able to stop working and be a full-time writer...!
Only, being a writer entails a lot of writing, doesn't it? Something I haven't been inspired to do a lot of lately.
And yet another glitch in yet another plan.

Perhaps I should stop making plans.

Hubby might disagree - I am designated Chief Planner, Navigator and Communications Officer for our upcoming Ride Round euRope bike trip. (How d'ya like that for a title? I agree - not great. Still open to suggestions people!)
So far my planning consists of:
1. Having a rough idea of our route, i.e. doing a big circle starting and ending in France.

Perhaps I should take this weekend to think about it a little more. I have all the time in the world, since Hubby is off on his own preparations this weekend. He and 75 other bikers are doing a tour around Ireland. It's a trip called The Whole Way Round and it's all in aid of charity. It'll also give him a good idea of the bike's fuel consumption on long stretches and... OK, so he's going for fun, not for preparation. I just hope he - and the bike - come back in one piece.

And with that, working hours have begun so I gotta get, well, working, I guess. Have a great weekend everyone!


Fence said...

Would the puppy go on the RRR too? You could get him/her all dressed up in cute doggy biker gear. I'm not too sure if the housekeeper would be willing to go too though ;)

kyknoord said...

How about the Cacophonous Continent Cruise to Visit Various Villages?

anne said...

Being Incognito in Kontinental Europe?
Sorry. I had to try.

Terri said...

Fence - that's quite a cute mental picture you've painted there. The RRR eh? Catchy, I like it :)

Kyknoord - sure that rolls off the tongue nice & easy doesn't it?!

Anne - Ah, the shadowy and slightly sinister version - nice :)

DelBoy said...

How about "European Killer Loop" or another BIKE - Biking In Kontinental Europe?

Still very jealous!

And if you want to really design your route (which you can transfer to GPS if you have one), try this link:
I use it for my mountain-biking!

NMOTB said...

I agree with you, you need a housekeeper! It is so tiering to go home after a longs days work and then you must still cook, clean, and try and spend quality time with the Family! The bike trip sounds really interesting, look forward to reading more about that!

NMOTB said...

I meant to say time with the hubby! A puppy is also a good idea but like you say if you get the puppy get the housekeeper, def. a win win situation otherwise puppy gonna be very lonely during the day! :-(

Lori said...

A puppy is alot of work better get the housekeeper to go with it.

LiVEwiRe said...

You certainly have alot going on! Be warned, puppies are alot of work. I think your idea of having the housekeeper tend to the puppy is excellent!

Spookie the Warrior said...

I would skip the puppy and get a kitten - low maintenance pets. But thats Just Me get it - ha ha!!

Lets see, a name for your trip...."Euro-Biking".

I tried anyway,

Terri said...

delboy - GPS pfft! It's much more exciting to wing it. Oh, and thanks for pointing out the whole acronym to your dof cousin lol!

nmotb - You said the 4 words I love to hear most there... "I agree with you" :-D

lori - Yes m'am!

livewire - Oh believe me, I know just how much work puppies are. You have no idea the amount of stories I could tell about the dogs we've had!

spookie - HAHA just you! ;-) Cats are lower maintenance, I agree, but Hubby is allergic to cats. Plus he hates cats. I think the one may have something to do with the other tee hee; either way, there will be no cats in our house.

beadinggalinMS said...

puppy and housekeeper!!! That is what ya need.

OOOhh name for your trip. Ride Terri Ride!! :)

jason evans said...

I feel your pain, Terri. I'm coming off a very brutal two weeks at work. I need a vacation!

Terri said...

beads - I will pass your recommendations on to The Hubby, tx!!!

jason - Yep, I'd take a vacation over housekeeper and puppy right now (note: not committing myself to that sentiment long-term hehe!)

angel said...

if i could get away with calling myself a writer... and actually earn a living! aaah me...

Bosbefok said...

I must say to all, it amazes me that my cause for a puppy has been so well taken up ! I think I may just be in with a chance after our holiday if you all keep up the pressure :-) Thanx !
How about Terri's Big Bike Blog :-)
Ahhhhh No !
You still have about a month to come up with your blockbuster title Mluv.

Anonymous said...

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