Monday, July 24, 2006

what's the buzz?

It looks like the past few weeks (months?) finally caught up with me and I got a nasty dose of the midsummer 'flu last week that had me laid up at home with barely enough energy to feed myself.
Poor me.
But it's Monday again so I'll have another bash at a new week.

My patience finally paid off last weekend and after hours of crawling on my belly in the garden I snapped a couple of photos of some of our local wildlife. OK, "a couple" may be understating a bit. I think I must have taken close to 30 shots to get just a couple of decent ones, the best of which is probably this...

FYI: bees move around a lot. And fast.

I must say, in stalking these creatures with my camera I discovered that they're a quite a lot like me. Buzzing around doing stuff all day long, following the same path to work (my Lavender plants) then buzzing off home again to look after the hive (Do bumblebees live in hives? I presume so...) and finally getting some rest when the sun goes down, only to start all over again in the morning.
It's a fun life, innit?!
Only, of course, bees don't carry cameras.

I like my little garden. It has a nice patch of grass where we can lie and lap up the sun on weekends. [Insert witty 'Irish Summer' jokes here]
There are some pretty cool plants and young trees in it too. These flowers...

...blow me away though - they are just so bright in colour! Only trouble is I have no idea what they are. Can anyone tell me? That way when I tell people I have such lovely flowers I can actually not sound like a complete ignoramus when they ask me what kind they are and I say things like, "Uh, some sort of bulb I think..."
Er, no, I wouldn't be the greatest horticulturalist in the world.
I just like pretty flowers :)

Of course while I was waiting for the bees to put in an appearance I happily snapped away at other stuff too, and I quite like how this one turned out:

No, one doesn't often see cactus plants surviving in Ireland, but we've managed to nurture these for about 3 years now. We just have to remember to put it outside in the sunshine whenever there is some available, and in wet weather it lives under shelter or inside.

And that's it for today - stay tuned for more of The Exciting World Of Terri's Back Yard coming soon!


Fence said...

We have some cactii at home, they make great indoor plants cause you can totally forget about them :) although I'm surprised they are still alive after being knocked down and having their earth spread across the floor by a mad jumping cat.
As for the orange flowers, don't know what they are called, just make up your own latin-esque name. no on will ever know the difference.

BUDDESS said...

I know less than you about flowers, but it is a beautiful picture. Glad you have been having nice weather!!! Sorry to hear that you were sick!!

Spookie the Warrior said...

Hope you are feeling better!! I can just imagine bumblebees flying around taking pictures of the wierd humans they see everyday - LOL!!
I need to give my garden a bit of attention again - it is seriusly lacking some lovin from me.

Beautiful photos - as usual!!

jason evans said...

Wow, those red flowers are gorgeous! I don't know what they are either.

anne said...

The red ones are indeed lovely, and after much googling (aided by blogger preventing me from commenting), no, I haven't found their name.

angel said...

stunning pics doll! that lavender looks gorgeous!
i have a few cacti in my loo- one has bright pink flowers that don't fall off when they die... they sorta get sucked back in again when they close! very weird!
i hope you feel better soon!

beadinggalinMS said...

Beautiful photos Terri!! Those red flowers are gorgeous. I have no clue what they are.
I sure hope you are feeling better. I hate getting sick in the summer time.

I can not wait to read the The Exciting World of Terri's Back Yard. :)

Lori said...

Lovely pictures of your flowers.

Terri said...

Fence - "Reddus Floweris" it is then.

Buddess - WooHoo and the good weather is continuing, yay!

Spookie - Why does it not surprise me that you can actually visualise the bumblebees with cameras, lol!?!

Jason - If you'd made something up, y'know, I probably never would've known the difference ;)

Anne - What??? You mean Google doesn't know everything???!

Angel - Ah yes, that would be the cactus of the "Pinkus Swallowus" variety.

Beads - Hi you!!! I'm feeling much better now that I've heard from my blog buddies thanks :)

Lori - Thanks sweetie! I do think I need to come up with more interesting subject matter for my next post though...

Bosbefok said...

You dont wanna know what I called those red flowers when they cut me while pruning them.... !
It sure wasnt reddus flowerus !!

Jeff said...

I hope you're feeling better now, Terri. The pictures are wonderful. :)

Lori said...

How about Terri does flowers. ;)

Terri said...

Bosbefok - Must've been 'Florus Attackus' I'm sure.

Jeff - Much better, thx :)

Lori - Great title. Actually I might take that idea for our bike trip... "Terri Does Europe". Whatcha think?

Lori said...

I love it. ;)

Bosbefok said...

Terri's Teutonic Tour..... ?