Wednesday, July 05, 2006

still here?

Well this is just ridiculous. I haven't posted anything for a whole week!
Not for lack of wanting to, mind you, but there seems to be a conspiracy going here between the phone company and my job.
But as I may have mentioned before - I'm nothing if not stubborn!
So today, my friends, I AM going to post this, come hell or high water, or whatever work may throw at me.
Which, just for the record, has been all sorts of crises for the past week or so, hence my silence in blogland.

Only trouble is I don't know what to post. After a week of nothing one kind of feels one should come out with a real zinger of a post, know what I mean? And I got sweet nuthin' inspirational to say.

We've moved into our new house and after almost a week of utter chaos, falling over boxes, not being able to find anything, plus having the place covered in dust and old curtains to protect the carpets while we had someone lay flooring in the attic so we can use it for storage, the place finally resembles a home.
Here's a tip for you: Getting someone to convert your attic into usable space at the same time as you're moving into a house is probably not the best idea, timing-wise.

Nonetheless I am a very happy bunny, enjoying my new kitchen with my new pots and new matching chopping board, kettle, toaster, blah blah and also having our own little patch of grass and flowers outside to enjoy the (very) occasional sunshine.
(Uh, 'scuse the grammar, I'm sorta typing this up as it falls out my head here and if this thing is ever gonna get posted I'm not going to be wasting time editing it.)

Work, on the other hand, is being a complete pain in the ass at the moment. Crisis after crisis and my poor nerves are frayed almost into non-existence.

In fact, I had a terribly unprofessional outburst at a colleague last friday... he REALLY p*ssed me off! I asked him a simple yes/no question and he started to launch into a really long story in an attempt to exonerate himself from something he thought I might be accusing him of, which I wasn't, and being a tad short on time and patience I blew my top at him in a rather large way. It wasn't a pretty sight, and it made me realise just how tired & stressed I was feeling.
But a weekend arrived and I felt much better on Monday morning - even went and apologised to the poor lad, who was still reeling in shock, I think.

{Would someone please explain why I'm receiving up to 20 spam emails a day from people trying to sell me viagra???! It's terribly distracting seeing these notifications pop up every few minutes while I'm trying to type up this blog post!}

However I'm still feeling a little off-center. My irritation levels are way up and I'm trying really hard not to let that show. I'm so very, very tired - I feel like I can't get enough sleep even though I get 7-8 hours a night, and when I go to bed I end up lying awake for ages before falling asleep. Mostly though I'm feeling a little emotionally wrecked. Perhaps I just need a holiday. But also, I've been missing hearing from my blog buddies. A LOT. I didn't realise how much I enjoy this interaction. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a hermit in the 'real' world. But I think I'm really guarded with people. I don't want to give too much of myself away for fear of being hurt. (This is great stuff for the shrink's couch, isn't it?!) Ah sure, you guys know what I mean - no need to embellish any more.
Not that lack of blogging is the cause of my unbalanced emotions - at least I hope not otherwise I have bigger problems than I thought, LOL!

And with that, my friends, I'd better get this thing posted. Lunchtime is almost over and I can smell another crisis looming, pffft!
Hold thumbs that things calm down soon so I can go check out a couple of blogs soon. I feel completely out of touch. Never before has having an internet connection at home featured so high on my list of priorities!

But I'm still here, in case you were wondering, and I will be back!


kyknoord said...

We just assumed you were on another skiing holiday to help you recover from the move.

Terri said...

KN : I wish! The only skiing I'd have been doing is water skiing with all the rain we had recently ;)

beadinggalinMS said...

Terri let me know if they don't get your internet connection at home this week. I will bravely board a plane and kick some ass!!

New pans ooooo what are you going to cook me to eat??? haahaa :)


anne said...

You know, there's nothing better to lower your irritation levels than to kill someone.
You'll feel much better - definitely more relaxed anyway - after that.

That's not stuff for the shrink's couch, by the way.

Terri said...

Beads - Cook??? I've just been admiring them ;-) And thx for the offer, it's a brave one indeed!

Anne - Er, no, that's probably one for the Confessional. Sounds like just the type of therapy I need though.

angel said...

'ello zare dahlink, i vos a beet vorreed about yoo... vis ze moof end everrtink! em shoor yooll zoon be right ez ren yes?

DelBoy said...

Definitely sounds like you need a holiday... or maybe just a weekend in London. I'm sure hubby doesn't need an excuse for a weekend piss-up! ;-)

Spookie the Warrior said...

Wo! I had to skid to a stop here! Everyday I pop in to see if you've been in and then I duck out quickly - but today I had to hit the breaks on my mouse when I saw a new post!!! Good to see you here again. I hope you get some R&R real soon and that things at work slow down and that you get internet @ home too. I still visit you each day - this too shall pass, you will soon be back in a BIG WAY in blog land. Little tid bits like this every now and then is good enough for me - for now. Miss you tooo!

Terri said...

Angel - Sank yoo dahlink. I veel be beck es soon as ze fon peepl get zere asses een geah.

Delboy - you know him too well, Cuz ;)

Spookie - I hope you didn't leave little skidmarks on your mousepad from stopping so suddenly ;)

Spookie the Warrior said...

No, but I burnt my desk with my infra-red light, I don't have a mouse pad.

Terri said...

lol! Well I guess sometimes burn-marks are better than skid-marks ;-)

Jeff said...

I hope the crisis level drops for you, Terri. And congratulations on getting into your new home. :)

LiVEwiRe said...

Sounds like things are going along well in the new home, even if some of the timing was a bit off. As far as your co-worker, just remind them not to be an idiot during times of high stress for you. =) Hope everything is shaping up!

Terri said...

Jeff - Thanks :)

Livewire - See, you understand - why can't he?!