Monday, October 02, 2006

I wonder if heroin addicts get this?

Here's the thing. I've been on certain medication for just over a year. Last week my doctor and I decided the time had come to stop taking said medication. She warned me there may be certain side-effects for the next couple of weeks.
So I asked for Thursday and Friday off work, just in case. I couldn't really explain to my boss the real reason which was that I couldn't really be sure how I was going to be for those two days, i.e. "Well, Boss, there's a distinct possiblity I may become psychotic but I can't really be sure." So I just gave him the form and didn't elaborate.
He gave me Friday off but I had to be in work on Thursday. It was a very long day indeed. The good side-effect is that for the first time in many, many months I didn't feel completely drowsy all day, although let's face it there is something to be said for going through life half-asleep. On the other side of the coin, I developed a screeching headache accompanied by nausea and what can only be described as a lot of noise in my head. But I made it through the day and spent Friday and the weekend happily doing as little as possible.
On Friday I began to get these odd little episodes where it felt like the world was tilting, interspersed with the sensation of being wrapped in a jellyfish that would squeeze different body parts at different times. It felt extremely odd so on Friday evening I got Hubby to help me get rid of a bottle of wine or two. I figured if I was half plastered I'd be dizzy and semi-numb anyway and in fact, I was right, although I'm not sure the hangover on Saturday was altogether worth it.
By yesterday the giddiness seemed to be abating although my mood started to take a serious nose-dive.
Today, being Monday, I'm back at work. Perhaps I should have asked for more time off.
The giddiness has turned into round-the-clock dizziness and I'm quite surprised I haven't actually toppled over yet.
But it's the mood that is causing me the most problems. Yes, I'm feeling down, but even more than that my fuse has disintegrated completely and there have been a few times today where I could actually visualise myself throttling / punching / dismembering certain people. Not great for harmony in the workplace.
Let's hope the next couple of weeks pass uneventfully and without me falling apart completely.
But just so you know, my favourite cake is carrot cake.


anne said...

Och, one gets used to the short fuse, take it from me...
Just in case though, you got any favourite metal file to put in the carrot cake? I'll even bring it over. :)
Take care, missy.

Bosbefok said...

Do I need to get a suit of armour like the Knights of old ...? And no quips about the old part !! :-)

Spookie the Warrior said...

Did your doctor say how long the side effects will last? Poor Terri - that's not very pleasant at all.

I love carrot cake too - specially with a slighty sour/tangy icing...

See what you've gone and doe now, I will peobably be dreaming about carrot cake for the next month!!!

beadinggalinMS said...

Duct tape is great for holding a person together that is falling apart. Of course I like all colors you can get now like lime green, blue, red and orange and not to forget chrome. So if you fall apart I will tape you back up real colorful and we will eat the whole carrot cake or make that 2 of them one for you and one for me. :)

remember do not dismember anyone if you are wearing white, blood is hard to get out.

DelBoy said...

More moody than usual?!! I'm glad I don't work in your office!

Just kidding!! Carrot cake is in the post. (Must be another family trait - I love carrot cake too!)

BUDDESS said...

Ouch Terri!! I hope that by now you are feeling better.

I love the comment from Beads!!

Just hang in there. I have to differ from you guys. Not a carrot cake fan, but I will gladly send you some. I'm more of a chocolate cake eater, not too often, but oooohh Death by Chocolate ooohhh.. damn you got me too!!!!!

Dawn said...

I applaud you for making this all sound like fun in a strange kind of way. I hope you soon feel better though as I am sure it is not pleasant.
I'll take just the icing thanks - you can have my cake and eat it!

Terri said...

anne - well gold is my favourite metal but it's not so good against iron bars so I'll leave the final decision up to you thx.

bosbefok - haha my knight of old :-D

spookie the warrior - she said maybe 2-3 weeks but was very non-committal... used phrases like "reactions are different for each person" a lot. So it's just bite the bullet and hang in there. PS re the carrot cake: there are worse things to dream about ;)

beads - it's good to know you'll put me back together, and thanks for the tip on the whole bloodstains thing!

delboy - Ha. Ha. Ha. Mind you, you probably are lucky not to be working in the same office as me at the moment, hehe!

buddess - Death by chocolate? There are worse ways to go.

dawn - You'd give me your cake? Attagirl!!!

Reluctant Nomad said...

Feeling better yet? I hope so.

As for carrot cake - my favourite too but it has to be made using MY recipe!!!

Terri said...

reluctant nomad - You'll just have to send me the recipe then. That way I can give it to my stepdaughter so she can make it for me 'cos I Don't Bake.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

The side-effects sound downright nasty.
Wanting to strangle/dismember/throttle ppl seems perfectly normal to me. I do it all the time... usually when they invade my personal space.
PS: I don't know how to make a carrot cake. Will a Banoffi pie do? :)

Spookie the Warrior said...

I have to tell you - on the 3rd - think it was Tuesday, you'll never guess what I had....CARROT CAKE with the nuts the soury icing - the WORKS!! I enjoyed every last crumb. Somebody just brought one to work!! Hows that hey - I thought of you while I had my cake and ate it - LOL

jason evans said...

Tapering off medication like that is very difficult. The drug companies don't like to call them "withdrawal symptoms." The new, cool, marketing term is "discontinuation effects."

Hope you get through it okay. :)

Reluctant Nomad said...

I'll bake one (not done baking for a while) and will post pics and recipe. It's so f***ing easy too - just the right sort of recipe.

Terri said...

Chitty - Banoffie pie??? Oh my, you do know the way to a girl's heart honey ;-)

Spookie - You thought of me? Thanks! (I think lol!)

Jason - 'Discontinuation Effects' Nice. Like using 'combat fatigue' instead of shell shock. As they say, 'A rose by any other name...' only not. And that's far too many quotes for one comment.

Nomad - I'll be sure & look out for that thanks!

angel said...

poor baby- what i wouldn't give to be able to just pop round with a carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing!
i hope you feel better soon...