Monday, October 23, 2006

this is my fruit bowl

Yes, it's a little empty but look how it glows in the dark. I liked the way it looked when I walked into the darkened room the other night, all lit up by the light filtering in through the blinds at the window.
That's all. You can go now :)


Dawn said...

Terri - what a beautiful picture and such an affirmation from the universe that all the darkness in the world can't drown out even the slightest bit of light. I see this bowl as a piece of your soul shining through. Sharing your thoughts like that takes immense courage. Don't under estimate the emotional strength of the people around you. I am sure that in their love for you they would do anything to support you. Sometimes we need to tell those around us what we need from them. Sending you good, nurturing vibes. xox

kyknoord said...

Niiiice. I particularly like the reflection in the table surface. That must have been a tough one to take.

anne said...

And a very nice fruitbowl (and picture) it is.

Fence said...

But.... where are we supposed to go?

Nice bowl.

Terri said...

Dawn - Thanks for the vibes :)

Kyknoord - Enter 1 x clever camera and 1 x tripod.

Anne - It's the only crystal thing I own. We sort of inherited it from a previous landlord.

Fence - Wherever you like, dear girl :) There's lotsa links on the right if you're at a loss.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Really good photo! Love it.
I'm going now...

beadinggalinMS said...

very cool picture! much better than my clean fridge picture. LOL :)

angel said...

um- what dawn said...

Terri said...

Spookie - OK bye! :)

Beads - I dunno, 5-day old bananas or milk & pickles... it's a tough choice.

Angel - :-D

buddess said...

This is fantastic - so, you might not be able to write now, but you sure still have your camera skills and sometimes a picture says more than a 1000 words!!!!

You asked for no responses but you know me, always have to open my big mouth.. I've been where you are now and my therapist(geez, I had one too!!!) told me not to force it. She said to just try and find one thing to be happy about each day and it worked. It became easier and easier each day.
Thinking of you..XXX

Terri said...

Thanks Buddess.
I am trying :)

Reluctant Nomad said...

You said no comments so I won't really comment apart from refer to one thing. You say that you can't write at the moment and it has often been your one salvation. If you are still in your blocked writing phase, perhaps you should consider entering the National Novel Writing Month thing that starts on 1 November. You're 'forced' to write at a fast pace to produce a 150 000 word novel in 30 days. Yes, it's about quantity , not quality. But it may be a great way of unblocking you.

It is the question said...

Hmm. No comments. I'm going to ignore that.

I dated someone who suffered from depression. So I researched about things a bit. And I'm sure you know a fair bit about things to.

But my takeaway was that some people never get the chemical imbalance right. That's not their failure - it's just a function of the way their body works.
Yes there are things we can do to counteract chemical problems such as exercise. And the most important thing is self-awareness and self-honesty.

Your issues may not be chemical related. Whether they are or not, taking meds is not a failure.

If you need to be on meds for a while longer, on a reduced dosage on even for ever, that's OK.

Deal with the issues that you are equipped to.

Sorry for breaking silence - hope it triggers some stuff you know anyway, if required.


Terri said...

Nomad - I'll go take a look. Thanks

IITQ - Never apologise for trying to help; thank you :)