Sunday, December 11, 2005

Deck the halls..!

'Twas the night before Christmas...

Actually, 'twas 14 nights before Christmas, but let's not get hung up on the details.

I figured after all my cheer-spreading and ho-ho-ho'ing (minds out of the gutter, people!) it was time to deck my own halls, so today we braved the freezing winter to bring a tree home. OK, it wasn't quite so dramatic - the sun was shining and it was actually quite pleasant outside. As pleasant as 5 degrees can be anyway.

And since our nearest and dearest are rather far away, sizzling away in the South African sun (!*$#&!) I thought I would share some of the joy of our Day of Decoration.

First there was our very own Talking Tree - because it is The Dad's job to get the lights working:

Young Grinch-In-Training had a minor sense of humor failure when we told him the Angel On Top had to wait until the very end of the Tree Decorating Ritual:

Mother Christmas's little (?) helper was clearly charmed at my choice in music (Imagine 100 Greatest Christmas Hits pumping out of the CD player... you get the picture!)

Ah, Mother Christmas and her little helper - can you feel the joy yet?!

The Angel is brought to her perch at last. Poor thing - it doesn't look very comfortable but Young Grinch-In-Training was placated somewhat.

The epitome of the Christmas spirit: Two little elves in front of the tree:

Ta-Da! The finished product.

I tell you, by the end of it all the whole lot of 'em were as happy and excited as I was. I'm a sucker for Christmas and all the kitsh it involves. In fact they were so motivated they all went off and wrapped presents immediately, complete with little Christmas tags.
Yes, even Hubby, which is a minor miracle... I've been known to wrap my own gift from him in the past, lol!

But then I think they got all joy-ed out because the Young Grinch-In-Training felt a sudden overwhelming urge to fire up a PC game and go shoot something, while the rest have become engrossed in an episode of The Simpsons.


If you're looking for some light reading to go with your morning cuppa, feel free to mosey on over to Terristories for my latest attempt at fiction.


anne said...

Stop it, I almost smiled! And tell your Grinch to stop, it's my job. ;)

beadinggalinMS said...

Hey Terri-Thanks for sharing the pics!! :) Goin to mosey on over and read your light stuff with a cuppa of something. LOL :)

DelBoy said...

I really got into the Christmas spirit on Saturday night! There was no tree decorating involved, but Santa did the rounds, so I've already opened my first pressie!

Good to see that the family did inherit/learn something from you - Grinch!
Just kidding!

kyknoord said...

Your tree is amazing. Grinch-In-Training looks like he has a long and fruitful career ahead of him.

Terri said...

Anne don't panic, he has a long, long way to go before he could dream of measuring up to your standard of Grinch-ness

beadinggal - My pleasure - we had lots of fun taking the pics!

Del it's too soon to be opening pressies!!! Naughty Cuz!!! Me, a Grinch? Never!

Kyknoord I fear you may be right...

Ben O. said...

Awesome looking tree. Did you mention what type it is?

Ben O.

Terri said...

Ben o. Sure. It's the Christmas type ;-)
Er I'm no botanist so I really couldn't tell you. I know it has needles - does that help?

banquo said...

I love putting up my christmas tree and decorations - my boys do too and we all always feel that bit of magic when we do it together.

BUDDESS said...

My, my, how they have grown. Loved this post. I am still trying to get my tree up. It is bare, because the little ones keep pulling the decorations off.

Lori said...

Luv the pictures of the little grinches and the beautiful tree. Happy Holidays!

Terri said...

Banquo - that's what it's all about!

Buddess - good luck with your tree lol!

Lori - right back at ya!

Word Verif: afrxpel - what I am, expelled from africa hehe!

jason evans said...

Despite a shade of Grinchiness, looks like a wonderful family time. Thanks for posting!

Ben O. said...

Uh, no . . . it doesn't help, smartass.

Seriuosly, it looks great, even if you can't tell a fir from a pine.

Enjoy - Ben O.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

The tree looks realy good. I actualy put up one as well, even though there are no kids at my house. Well, there is one... and that would be me!
Sounds like you are going to have a wonderfull family Christmas.

Terri said...

Jason - My mission at Christmas is to eradicate all Grinchiness from my home, hence the music... it sets the tone... and if they think that was bad, just wait until Christmas Day lol!

Ben - hehehe...

Chitty Prolly not enough room in your house for another kid... too much competition for presents, eh? ;-)