Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wicked Stepmother Diaries #2

Paranoia is beginning to set in. Things are too quiet. I arrived home from work yesterday evening and decided I would continue with Operation Child Labour in order to keep them out of mischief, by issuing a list of chores for them to do while I was at work today.
But before I could even take a breath to suggest who should do what, I was drowned out by a chorus of:
"I vacuumed the floors today!"
"I dusted and did another load of washing today!"
"I scrubbed the toilet today..."
...although the last one was said with a lot less enthusiasm than the others, hehehe!

Okay then.

They then proceeded to cook supper - pancakes (which we'd call "wraps" in Ireland) with a savoury mince filling. And darn good they were too :-)

But people, this is waaaaay too good to be true. Think about it: It's not natural! They must be planning something - some dreadful trap for me. I'm going to go home one day and find they've sold everything in the house for crack money or something I'm sure of it... unless either
a) they are actually scared witless by their Wicked Stepmommy, or
b) it is all a ruse and they are planning some terrible fate for me, or
c) somewhere along the line we (the adults in their lives) did something right and they're genuinely the good little people they appear to be.
I'm hoping for "c"...

Mind you, it's not as if they're quiet as mice either. There was a definite squealing noise emerging from the lounge area as I opened the front door coming home yesterday and I am a little afraid to look too closely into the spare room as I suspect the floor may be disappearing under a pile of clothes. Oh well, what they eye doesn't see....

But they have provided us with some laughs.
The two lads spent all the pocket money we gave them in the first week. On the 3rd day I got home to great excitement - they'd hopped on a bus and gone shopping (yes, just the 2 boys) and guess what they had bought...

Yellow Bob-the-Builder style plastic hard-hats with a can-holder on each side and a straw so you can drink out the cans perched next to their ears. Because, of course, everyone should have one.

Mind you, at least now with no more pocket money to spend on M&M's there won't be so many sugar-rushes to contend with for a while. At least until their willpower falters and they strip the beautiful tree of its decorative chocolates.

Anyway, I just thought I should mention that if I suddenly and mysteriously disappear from Blogland one day you will know that my paranoia was not unfounded and hubby and I will have been sold into slavery by three young crack-heads brilliantly disguised as my loving stepchildren and nephew ...


banquo said...

One day I came home to find my house clean - dishwasher packed, floors swept, rooms tidy and such treatment and attention it was too good to be true - but i enjoyed it while it lasted. A few days later i found pieces of glass from our sitting room lights shades - yup, they had been swinging a broom around in the living room like a drumajorette and smashed the light cover - which they quickly replaced with the spare one and cleaned up al the glass - at leastthey thought they had, they forgot to clean under the couch - busted. I had to laugh. That explained the wonderful treatment.

anne said...

Yeah... I'd be afraid if I were you. Very afraid.
Especially as there seems to be a connection between them and me. First the Grinch, now the hard hat. Not that I have one, I hasten to add, but I was telling a friend on Saturday that I should really buy one.

kyknoord said...

It's so good to see young people spending their money wisely. Especially when there's so much crap out there to tempt them.

Terri said...

Banquo - that's a great story lol!

Anne - I don't think the hat would match your shoes, dear, but if it makes you happy...

BUDDESS said...

Everything seems to be going very well in Terriland. I am inclined to think the answer is C and as for the spare room, just walk past and let them be. Unless you hear strange noises or have strange odours seeping through the keyhole - let it be their world.

beadinggalinMS said...

They scrubbed the toilet and all is quiet. HHMMM something is brewing. They want something!! LOL :) My kiddos has pulled that on me. Or it could be that they know their wicked eerr I mean great LOL (I could not resist saying that) step mom works very hard during the day and they want to help you out.

Terri said...

Kyknoord - um, ja, I think they may be a little fiscally-challenged.

Buddess - Good advice. I'll wait for the odours..

Linda - I think you were right the first time, lol!