Thursday, December 15, 2005

The trouble with ships...

Just when I thought our ship was about to come in, someone torpedoed it in the harbour.

I rang the Revenue office today to find out about something called Rent Relief whereby you get a tax rebate if you're renting the place you live in - which we are - so I thought this would be quite a good thing. Instead, I find out that
someone has made a mistake on our tax assessment for the last four years and we were erroneously given a tax allowance of double what we were supposed to get.

Me: So... what are you telling me?
Tax Guy: Well we're gonna have to recalc'late all the years from 2002 and you're gonna end up with a liability.
Me: A liab... you mean we owe you guys money?
Tax Guy: Eh, yeah. Sorry.

Sorry? Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgghhh!

OK, reality check - did I really think the Revenue Commissioner would agree to paying me money?

Although, you'd think someone would have noticed, oh, say, maybe, FOUR YEARS ago when the mistake was made!!
But no, it's much better for it to be discovered by accident right before Christmas, when we're going to be needing every penny we have because oh yes, did I mention we were starting to look at buying a house soon?

That's right folks, me and Hubby, in the interests of our offspring / step-offspring, will be hanging around this manky ol' town for a while longer and have thus decided to join the ranks of the millions of people worldwide who have sold their souls (and just about everything else) for some bricks and mortar and a touch of permanence.

Mind you, it would be nice for me to be allowed to hang a picture if I want to, without worrying about whether or not we'll lose our deposit for making a hole in the wall.

I feel defeated.
Does this count as a Bah Humbug moment?


anne said...

Does all that tax allowance crap mean that you won't be getting the tax relief? Or will it maybe even out for a while?
Oh, and don't flatter yourself, darling, it barely counts as a blah moment. I'm pretty sure your sails will be up and running tomorrow.
I know this means sweet bugger all, but you get the gist, right?


LiVEwiRe said...

Ew. It's always a pain in the ass when someone else's incompetence causes you to owe them money. I'd call it a Bah Humbug moment, but that is so often my general demeanor that I cannot

DelBoy said...

I calculated tax for one of my staff and told him not to do his tax returns because he owed the taxman around £50 for last year. Two weeks later he received a phone call from said taxman. He owed them £600 for underpaying tax over the last 4 years!! Now that stinks/stings!!

Maybe you should force the kids to get a job so that you can pay the mortgage?


Terri said...

Anne - Right.
Oh, and thanks for the sympathy ;-)
(We will get the tax relief but it will probably only amount to about half of what they'll want us to pay)

LiVEwIRe - Ta for the support. After all, misery loves company and all that.
(Nice to see you back b.t.w.)

Del - Now that's constructive advice!!
(And if only it were just 600 we were looking at...)

beadinggalinMS said...

Bah humbug moment!! This will all pass soon and you will be smooth sailing again!! Take on the rough waters yellin full speed ahead captian!! I am tryin to get you out of the bah humbug moment. Is it working?? :) Do I have to come over there and kick some tax man ass?? cause you know I am really afraid of flying but I would for you!!

Terri said...

Beadinggal - Indeed you have succeeded... the thought of you kicking tax man ass with all the fury borne of crossing the Atlantic in a 'plane in sheer terror, all for li'l old me - well, I feel much better! Thank you :-)

jason evans said...

Make sure you triple check the situation. They've already proved incompetence once.

Jeff said...

terri- Tell the taxman you'll look into the matter as soon as Christmas is past. Christmas of 2050, that is. hehe
jason has a good point. I'd ask them to triple check their figures. :)

Terri said...

Jason - Aye aye, Cap'n!

Jeff - Excellent advice. I'm actually not even going to think about it again until they contact me... and then the fight begins, hehe!

banquo said...

Ugh - that sure blows! We also rent, hubby and me and our offspring / stepoffspring, but we rent from a really super couple who look after their tenants and when we moved in they said we can hang pictures if we want, we must make the place feel like home. Only thing I didn't like was we cannot keep pets and I had to give up my cat. I know that bah humbug feeling - thinking of you....

kyknoord said...

Perhaps you should remind them that there are only two certainties in life - death and taxes. And you have a gun.

Terri said...

Banquo - Thanx :-)

Kyknoord - lol! That's the best advice yet, hehe!