Monday, December 05, 2005

Wicked Stepmother Diaries #1

And before you ask, the answer is No! I don't know if there will be a part 2, etc. so stop asking! I can't take the pressure...!!!


Nah it's not so bad. Mind you, they've only been here a day and a half, lol!

The step-kids and their cousin arrived Saturday night, tired & weary and I was so excited about seeing them I could barely contain myself.
Although the giant mock-snowman seated in the waiting area of the arrivals hall put a slight damper on my exuberance because man, that thing is scary! Or maybe it was just me, because the children who were climbing all over it didn't appear to be bothered by the enormous fake-carrot-nose or the slightly cracked paint that made him look, to me at least, like the Michelin Man gone wrong. Perhaps I have an over-active imagination, or maybe I've seen too many horror movies.
But I digress.

My first Stepmommy meal served was takeaway pizza. Yes I know it's not exactly the stuff of a balanced diet but their plane landed late and we were all hungry and it was the best I could come up with at short notice. Don't fuss, I made up for it by cooking a roast chicken last night. Thank goodness my stepdaughter can cook otherwise that's all we would have had - she made the rice & veggies to go with it ;-)

That's right - she cooks, she does laundry, and yesterday she gave me a French Manicure. Plus, she loves shopping as much as I do - this is getting better and better!

We laid down the ground rules after supper on Saturday night and left the option open to add to or amend them as and when necessary.
One is now the Master of the Washing Machine.
One is the Master of the Dishwasher.
One is the Master of Taking Out the Trash.
Yep, hubby's talent for delegation has certainly come in handy.

I'm actually thinking of hanging onto more than one at the end of their five weeks' holiday - and why not? They even make a decent cup of coffee!

And y'know what? On Saturday night hubby and I both slept really, really well - there was something decidedly comforting about knowing that our little family was all together under one roof.

All together now: "Aaaah sweet!"

Regular broadcasting from the Terri you have all come to know and fear so well will resume just as soon as her soft heart has been put safely back in it's box.


beadinggalinMS said...

AAAWWW Sweet :)
Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful weekend. I am happy for your their arrival went smoothly.

jason evans said...

Sounds like a good beginning. I imagine it can be delicate.

anne said...

It does sound lovely.
Now come on, who are you and what have you done with Terri?

Underachiever said...

Aww ter, you are such a softy. A softy with a gun!


No-L said...

Hello Terri,

Yes I'm back, thanks for the compliment, you should post a pic of your new doo.

Question, does takeaway pizza in Ireland mean the same thing as delivery for us in the US?

Just curious???

Terri said...

Beadinggal - exactly - I mean they could've arrived here sporting nose rings and purple hair, saying things like, "Yo, Pops", whereupon hubby would've probably aged about 10 years in 10 minutes lol!

Jason - you may yet be right. Watch this space...

Anne - trust you to notice. Actually I am an Alien who is part of the advance forces that are taking over this planet. C'mon you must've seen the movie My Stepmother's An Alien...?!

Undr - I know it, you know it and more importantly, they know it

No-L - Well yes it's sort of the same only in this case we went to fetch it since the shop was on the way home. And good point - I should post a pic of my new hairdo - in all my excitement about the kids arriving I forgot to mention here that my long blonde hair has become short & dark. Much more suitable for a wicked stepmother, dontcha think?

BUDDESS said...

Wow Terri!! Short and dark you say. I remember the short, but haven't seen your hair dark. Amazing how much kids love you when you feed them a simple thing like pizza... haha. It was my stepdaughters birthday yesterday and I took her shopping in the afternoon. SHE LOVED IT!! Still working on her cooking skills happy for you Terri!!

Lori said...

Way to go Terri. Now that the ground rules have been set dishes are done, dinner is done, the clean up is done that leaves you time to be the Master in the bedroom with hubbie LOL (of course after kiddies are asleep) Why did you cut your hair?

Terri said...

Buddess - yep, pizza and shopping - that's the secret ;-)

Lori - I was getting annoyed with it being long and I felt like a change. I've been told it 'takes years off me' (doesn't say much for the way I looked before, lol!). The colour is not as dark as I thought it was at first (must've been the light) - it's kind of dark blonde to blend in with my natural colour a bit better. Anyway, I'm very happy with it. No doubt you'll be seeing a pic soon.

DelBoy said...

Pizza, nails, SHOPPING!! Sounds like Terri heaven! And you were worried about getting along. I think hubby should be worried about the credit card!

Have fun!

Terri said...

Delboy - you couldn't be more right!

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