Monday, December 19, 2005

Missing Muse Monday

I think my muse has gone on vacation. I got nothing, zip, zero, nada.

Although I guess I could tell you about a small incident on the weekend when my stepson asked me, in the middle of a crowded street while we were doing Christmas shopping,
"Terri, what's a douche?"

Yikes!!! That's the last time I let them watch South Park!

Hubby just carried on walking like he hadn't heard the question.

"Tell ya what, son, I'll tell you when we get home, okay?"
Fortunately by the time we got home he appeared to have forgotten. I hope.
Or maybe he took one look at my face and decided to ask Google instead.
Sheesh, this parenting thing is harder than it looks!

Or I could tell you about our company's Christmas Party on Friday night. They had a disco (do they still call it a disco?), a hot meal, pool tables, roulette wheel, a bar - you name it. It was almost enough to fool us into believing we weren't still in the building we work in.

Some of the women really dressed up for the occasion - there were enough Little Black Numbers to put the Academy Awards to shame.
And then there was me, in jeans and a long-sleeve black T-shirt.
Boy, did I get that one wrong!
On the other hand, I did become something of a legend by putting to rest all the myths about girls not being able to play pool. Misspent youth and all that, hehe!

When I'd had my fill of free beer we wandered up to a pub to have farewell drinks with the guy who I've been sitting next to at work for the past few months. That was sad. I hate it when people I like leave the company - it upsets the equilibrium of my little world.
[Me? Self-centered? Never!]

On the plus side, though, I finally have my own desk again. It's been a slight case of musical chairs for a while - the department seems to be a bit short on desk space. So I may have lost a buddy, but I've gained a desk.
[Ah, the universe is in balance again...]

Yep, I staked my claim this morning by planting my miniature South African flag in my pen-holder on my desk. Did you hear that? My desk :-)

And now we're gearing up to gear down for Christmas.
I would almost believe that if I didn't have such a typical Monday morning today - almost missed the train, there was no milk in the coffee-machine at work, and one of the servers had crashed over the weekend bringing down 3 systems, and a fourth was being damn obstinate by not working just for the hell of it.
Great way to ease into the week.
Ever get the feeling you should've just stayed in bed?

But... I got my own desk :-)


banquo said...

not bad for one whos muse has vanished....
I also like having my own space at work. I had to sit at reception for years, and there you have absolutely NO privacy - now I have my own office and it is awesome!!! I can even close my door if I am gatvol of evertone and everything. And it is office no. 7 - my favouite number!!

banquo said...

I meant to say *everyone* - not evertone - whatever that means....

Terri said...

Banquo - I think 'evertone' is a football club ;-) BTW you used my favourite South African word there - "Gatvol". I challenge anyone to find an English alternative with the same oomf!

kyknoord said...

So... nothing, eh? Man, I'd love to see your 'inpired'.

beadinggalinMS said...

Terri-Wait till you get the question Mom what is a rubber?? LOL :)

I am on my feet doing a happy dance cause you got your own desk!!

Way to go on the pool playing! Sadly I am one of the girls who can't play pool. For some odd reason my balls always end up in the wrong spot. That did not sound to good..heeheee My pool balls always end up in the wrong spot.

Word verification-zadria
Sounds like a new drink. I will take 2 zadrias one for me and one for my friend Terri. :)

jason evans said...

Those questions can be tough! ;)

So, what's it like being a South African in Ireland? Here in the U.S., we have very little understanding of South African culture apart from what Peter Gabriel (sp?) and company was saying in the 80's.

gunngirl said...

Thanks for birthday wishes! And your own desk? SWEEEET!

It seemed like you had an eventful work week. While I long for a job, I can honestly say I miss being obligated to attend an office Christmas Party.

But you weren't the only one underdressed. I showed up at a luncheon (that I assuemed was casual) a year ago in bermudas and matching top. Other women looked like Emmy material. Gah!

Terri said...

Kyknoord - I'll take that as a compliment, thx, and, er, watch this space...

Beaddinggalinms - Thx for the drink - another one of those and I'll be doing the happy dance with you!

Jason - Things have changed slightly in SA since the 80's. More crime, less money, mostly. Which is why I'm in Ireland. Sorta. What's it like? Cold! I dunno though, sometimes I've been here so long I forget I'm not Irish.

Gunngirl - You're welcome. And thanks for sharing - glad I'm not alone, lol!

Underachiever said...

so mom what exactly is a douche?


LiVEwiRe said...

Some people climb mountains and stake their 'claim' with a flag of their country. No, not our Terri... she plants one right on her desk! =) Then again, it sounds just about as difficult to get the desk there as it may be for some to get to the top of a mountain! Good for you! Oh... and I say someone today hat looked like you! I swear, I was like...LOOK! She did come!

Terri said...

Undr - Ask Google.

LiVEwIRe - Yes, it is my right to stake my claim under the New South African Land Redistribution Act. Now my desk is officially declared South African soil - you know, like the Embassy only smaller and with less chairs. (PS I wasn't stalking you, I promise ;-P )

banquo said...

Just want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and I hope the new year is filled with hope and prosperity!! I will be on leave from today so I wont be commenting here for a while, hope I dont miss too much...

Terri said...

Banquo - Thanks very much and you have a good Christmas too!